We have a lot to celebrate

This continues to be a fruitful time for us at Northwest as we pursue our mission of ministry leadership development. I am very excited about the addition of Don Chang to our faculty, our first faculty hire in more than ten years. Our Korean programs are growing quickly and it is important for us to support this work with great people. Don’s credentials, his pastoral experience, his bilingual language skills, and most of all his strong Christian commitment and his heart, will make a tremendous contribution to all of our work here at Northwest.

It has been amazing to see how God has chosen to use us through our work in competency-based education models like Immerse. The Lilly foundation recently gave several million dollars to the Association of Theological Schools to study the future of theological education. It was quickly acknowledged that this kind of educational model is the most hopeful direction for seminaries leading into the future. As Northwest is the only school so far approved to offer this kind of education, and given that we have been doing so successfully for five years, we have been asked to lead a group of seven schools under this grant, to develop a series of recommendations that will change the standards by which seminaries are evaluated for this kind of work. This is a tremendous honour and responsibility. We see this as an opportunity for us to steward the things the Lord has taught us for the good of his Kingdom.

We are also very encouraged to receive the BC Ministry of Advanced Education’s gold standard Educational Quality Assessment seal of approval. This is the highest level of government scrutiny we have ever received and we came out of it with flying colours. Please continue to pray for us as we seek a similar response from the Quebec ministry with relationship to our work with SEMBEQ.

As you will have read elsewhere in this newsletter, we will be holding our first Northwest-specific graduation in more than 15 years on September 23rd. We trust that you will consider joining us. We have a lot to celebrate, including our first group of Immerse graduates from Fellowship Pacific and elsewhere. We are now at the place where our efforts have born actual fruit in the life of our churches and for the good of God’s Kingdom.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and for your support of this great work that God has given us to do together.