Teaching at The Journey Centre

Some of you may have heard about "The Journey Centre," our new initiative in graduate theological education in Edmonton.

I just returned from a few days of teaching at The Journey, where I was teaching my basic homiletics as a modular course. This time we got together to do the theoretical and theological work. In February we will get together again so that we can listen to each other preach and help each other with the necessary critique.

Already, the course has been of help. One of my students emailed me the following…

Thank you for the time you spent with us, in spite of your cold, in class in Edmonton.  It proved a great blessing!

First, I spent 8 hours on Saturday revamping my entire sermon (notice I did not say message) for taglines and imagery (and a lot more) for Sunday morning.  [That’s not the blessing!]

I found the “imagery times” to be occasions to step away from the pulpit and not use notes.   Plus the taglines helped me remember the message!

Second, praying the message was very meaningful personally.  It was like making my heart ready.

Third, here is a note slipped to me following the sermon:

“Thank you.  I am 52 yrs old and the presentation you shared today was the most powerful expression I have ever experienced upon my heart.  Deep within my heart.  Thank you for being a vessel – that God flows out of.  Thank you.  Thank you for the truth of your heart to be imparted in this way.”

This is the kind of "just-in-time" training that we hope to be able to provide in Edmonton. Let’s pray that many more students are able to experience this kind of benefit.