Writing Resources

Blank’s Wordiness List

A useful list for improving writing clarity and removing redundancy in your writing.

Cliché finder

Use this site to find and remove unwanted clichés in your writing.

Common Errors in English Language

A site that includes a detailed list of commonly misspelled words, etc.

Duke Divinity Writing Resources

Writing and research resources for students.

Hemmingway Editor

Web app editor/grammar checker that helps improve your writing for increased clarity.

Writing handbook by Liberty University

A detailed handbook for writing, formatting, and research.

Online Thesaurus

Stuck on a word – this site will help you find the perfect word to liven up your writing.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab

The definitive online resource for writing, research, and grammar.

Strunk & White’s Element of Style

Classic resource for improving your writing style.

Turabian Citation Quick Page Guide

Your resource page for page layouts, how to format headings, bibliographies, citations, and more.

Writers Diet

Make your writing slim and trim.