Financial Aid

As a Northwest student you may be eligible for the following financial aid:

1. Fellowship Leadership Matching Grant

Northwest Baptist Seminary will participate in an even three-way tuition cost sharing arrangement with the student and his or her church for the duration of the student’s program. This grant is available only to NBS students in ACTS Seminaries programs and serving in Fellowship Baptist Churches. Note: Students in the Immerse program are ineligible for this grant.

2. General Financial Aid

Northwest offers a limited amount of financial aid on a semester-by-semester basis to students enrolled in NBS.  Application must be made each semester.

All financial aid applies only to tuition costs.

Other Means of Financial Aid

ACTS Scholarships

Application for a number of various ACTS scholarships can be made through their website.

ACTS Seminaries Student Financial Aid

Teaching Assistant Opportunities: ACTS supports some Teaching Assistant positions annually. Students work under the direction of an ACTS faculty member.  Contact an ACTS faculty member or the ACTS Dean.

Outside Sources for Financial Aid

Canada Student Loans and Grants

To contact us about Student Financial Aid fill out the form below:


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