Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Program Schedule

2020 Spring and Summer Term

Course Schedule for the 2020 Spring/Summer term (March 16, 2020 to August 28, 2020)

Course Dates & Times Faculty Room
KDMN900 (10C)

Introduction and Development of Research Competence and Preparation of Dissertation Proposal

–Apr 7, 14, 21 @9am-12pm
–Apr 27, May 4, 19, June 1
–June 8 @2-5pm
–June 29 – Proposal Submission (No Meeting)
Drs. Don Chang/
Larry Perkins/
Jonathan Numada
KDMN 921 (9C)

Global Leadership Issues II: Power, Conflict, Governance, and Staffing in Global Leadership Contexts

–May 20-22 @10am-4pm Dr. Daniel Park TBA
KDMN910 (8,9,10C)

Global Leadership, Religious Values and Marketplace

–May 11-15 @9am-4pm TBD TBA
KDMN909 (7,8,9,10C)

Biblical Theology of Change, Boundary-crossings, and the Missio Dei

–May 25 – 29 @9am -4 pm Drs. Larry Perkins, Brian Rapske, Jonathan Numada, Don Chang, Mark Naylor TBA
950/951 (5,6,7,8,9C)

Dissertation Seminar

–Mar 31 @1-3pm
–Apr 14 @1-3pm
–Apr 28 @9-11am
–May 12 @9-11am
–June 2 @9-11am
Dr. Don Chang TBA
945/946/952 (5,6,7,8,9C)

DLP Project Seminar

–Mar 31 @1-3pm
–Apr 24 @10am-12pm
–May 22 @10am-12pm
–June 26 @10am-12pm
–Jul 24 @10am-12pm
–Aug @10am-12pm
Dr. Jonathan Numada TBA