Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Program Requirements

KDMN 900 Introduction to the Program, Development of Research Competence, and Preparation of a Dissertation Proposal.

All students admitted to KDMin take this course as their initial course in the program. During the seminar the participants review the program philosophy of this Global Leadership curriculum and its sequence, complete a module in KDMin research methods, become familiar with the dissertation process which results in the development of a proposal, and are introduced to various learning competencies necessary for successful completion of the program (e.g. the writing and evaluation of case studies, development of mentored learning projects, etc.). An orientation to western educational standards and academic process is included, particularly as these relate to adult learning. And finally, candidates explore issues of cultural memory and self-categorization as they gain exposure to cross-cultural relational issues related to global Christian leadership. This course is taught over three different teaching sessions (October, April and October) in the program.