Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Program Requirements

The Korean Doctor of Ministry is a 39 semester hour program which candidates normally will take as full-time students of Northwest Baptist Seminary.

NO.COURSES (30 semester hours)SHFEENOTES
KDM 900Introduction to the Program, Development of Research Competence, & Preparation of a Dissertation Proposal3$1635Delivered in 2 or 3 sections. On Campus.
KDM 905Leadership and Globalization: Global Leadership Theory and Its Practice Within a Christian Frame of Reference3$1635On Campus
KDM 920Global Leadership Issues I: Mentoring, Coaching, and Equipping3$1635Mentored Course; Context Based. Off-campus
KDM 906A Biblical Theology of Kingdom Leadership Serving the Missio Dei3$1635On Campus
KDM 907Global and Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Christian Leadership & Leadership Development3$1635On Campus
KDM 921Global Leadership Issues II: Power, Conflict, Governance, and Staffing in Global Leadership Contexts3$1635Mentored Course; Context Based. Off-campus
KDM 908Global Leadership and Spiritual/Ethical Formation3$1635On Campus
KDM 909
KDM 913
Global Leadership, Institutional Culture and Change
- OR -
Pastoral Counseling in Global Context
3$1635On Campus
KDM 910Global Leadership, Religious Values and the Marketplace3$1635On Campus
KDM 911
KDM 912
Global Leadership and Communications
- OR -
Christian Leader as Global Theologian
3$1635On Campus
TOTAL Semester Hours :33

KDM 950
KDM 945
Dissertation Seminar I
- OR -
DLP Project Seminar I
3$1635On Campus
KDM 951
KDM 946
Dissertation Seminar II
- OR -
DLP Project Seminar II
3$1635On Campus
TOTAL Semester Hours :6

KDM 952Dissertation Extension
If candidates in either track do not complete their dissertation or project by the end of their respective courses, then they automatically are registered to continue in KDMN 952a (November) or KDMN 952b (May) for an additional year.
0$1635On Campus
KDM 954Dissertation Reinstatement
The candidate has three years in which to register in KDMN 954 and complete a dissertation or project.
0$2000On Campus