Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Korean Program Forms

Here are various forms you may need in the Korean Program. Because most of these requests involve additional administrative effort there are administration fees attached. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Application to Enroll in the Korean Program ($150 fee plus $1000 tuition deposit)

Application to Graduate from the Korean Program ($200 fee)

Notice of Intent to Withdraw from the Korean Program
(select if it is a temporary stop-out or a permanent withdrawal from the program)

Confirmation of Enrolment Letter Request (standard $10, rush $35)

Change of Program Request ($35 fee)
(i.e. change from Doctor of Ministry to Post Graduate Diploma)

Switch KDMin Dissertation / Project Request ($35 fee)
(i.e. KDM950/951 to KDM945/946)

Official Academic Transcript Request
The request for an academic transcript must be done by the person themselves and therefore must be signed and dated. The instructions are on the linked page.