Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Fee Schedule and Course Registration

2021/2022 FEE SCHEDULE

For Applicants
Application Fee* $150
Tuition Deposit** $1,000

*Application fee: This is a non-refundable, one-time fee.
**Tuition deposit: Once a person is accepted into the Korean Doctor of Ministry program by Northwest, has been granted a study permit by Immigration Canada, has arrived in Canada and has registered for their first term courses the tuition deposit will be applied toward that term’s tuition. If the person is denied a study permit by Immigration Canada, the tuition deposit will be refunded in full. In order to qualify for the tuition deposit refund the person must:

  1. provide the Northwest Registrar’s Office ([email protected]) with official documentation (pdf scan should work) showing that (a) they applied to Immigration Canada for a study permit within 30 days of the date of their letter of acceptance from Northwest and that (b) they were denied a study permit by Immigration Canada;
  2. request the refund within one (1) year of the date of their letter of acceptance from Northwest.

In all other circumstances the tuition deposit is not refundable. Northwest complies with provincial government regulations regarding the consumer protection of applicants’ deposits.

For Students
Tuition per credit (a typical semester is 10.5 credits)
NOTE: Tuition may be adjusted annually
Graduation fee $200


Students will register for their term courses via their Northwest MyAccount which will be provided to them upon their arrival in Canada. Course/term registration and tuition fees are due two weeks before each intensive course session. Registration is not considered complete until tuition payment is received.

COURSE WITHDRAWAL (dropping a course)

To withdraw from a course before it officially begins (first day of class) candidates must inform the Northwest Registrar by email by the last business day before the first day of class. For example, if a course begins on a Monday, and a student desires to withdraw and receive appropriate tuition refund, the student must inform the Registrar by email no later than 12pm  the preceding Friday.

To withdraw from a course once it has begun, students must complete the “Course Withdrawal Application” form provided by the Registrar in order to receive a prorated tuition refund.


NBS accepts payment for tuition and other fees by cheque, wire transfer, e-transfer ([email protected]), or international money order.