Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Dispute Resolution Process

Dispute Resolution Process

NBS has in place a dispute resolution process. Information about this process is on the NBS website and easily accessible to all candidates in Korean translation. The NBS dean ultimately is responsible to ensure that all disputes are managed fairly, due process is followed, and resolution decisions are implemented in a timely manner.

The process is straight-forward:

  1. If a candidate has a dispute with a faculty person or dissertation advisor, then the candidate should first seek an appropriate resolution with the faculty person. However, if candidates are not comfortable with such a conversation, then they may approach the program director directly with their concern. In making such an approach, candidates may choose to ask another person to accompany them.
  2. The program director will make a record of the issue raised. The program director will have a conversation as soon as possible with the faculty person and seek resolution to the issue. The faculty person will be made aware that no retaliation against the candidate for raising the issue is permissible.
  3. If the program director is unable to gain resolution, he or she will report the matter to the NBS dean who then will act to secure resolution. In all cases the candidate will be kept informed of the process.
  4. If the dean is unable to secure resolution, then the NBS Senate functions as the ultimate discerner of an appropriate resolution. The Senate’s decision is final. Should the faculty person or the candidate not agree with the Senate’s decision, then the Senate will take appropriate action.

In the event that a dispute is between a candidate and the program director, the candidate will present the issue directly to the NBS dean who will then follow due process. When translation services are necessary to assist the candidate in resolving an internal dispute, NBS will provide such services. NBS will not be responsible for any legal fees that a candidate may accrue in such a process.