Korean Doctor of Ministry Program

Academic Probation Policy

Reviewing Academic Performance

The NBS Registrar is authorized and mandated to review student academic performance at the end of each cluster of courses.  This review is to be based on cumulative GPA for each student and will be conducted according to the following basic criteria:

  1. Students need to maintain a GPA that is at least equal to the graduation requirement for the KDMN program (3.0 AGPA for course work and B- for dissertation). This includes any courses transferred into the program.
  2. Students who have provisional admission similarly must achieve minimally a 3.0 AGPA for any additional courses required.

Evaluating Poor Academic Performance

Where students are found to be below the minimum GPA requirement for the KDMN, the NBS Registrar will report such students to the KDMN program director and co-director. They together will use the following criteria to determine which course of action to follow:

  1. How far below the AGPA requirement is this student?
  2. How far along in the program is this student?
  3. Has there been any instance of academic dishonesty by this student?

Responding to Poor Academic Performance

It is the philosophy and intent of NBS Academic Probation to always seek ways to restore students to academic success and to help them maximize their studies at NBS.  At the same time, NBS sees it as a point of institutional integrity to not permit further registrations and collect further tuition fees from students who are not demonstrating the ability to complete the KDMN program successfully.  Possible measures to enact with students who are struggling to succeed academically are as follows:

  1. Repeat the course(s) affected;
  2. Take additional course work;
  3. Restrict their level of enrolment in order to help them carry an academic load within the limits of their own schedule and abilities;
  4. Require students to stop out for at least one course cluster and in some cases refuse any further registration if a student has a poor academic track record including a GPA significantly below the graduation requirement (more than 1 full point below the requirement) or difficulties with academic dishonesty (plagiarism).

In the case of a failed dissertation, once the processes outlined in the Dissertation Manual for remediating core issues are exhausted, there is no further means available for completing the program.

Once a course of action is determined, an interview with the student will occur and a letter will be placed in the student’s file.