Master of Divinity – Immerse

Students who enter Immerse with an approved undergraduate degree (as determined by the NBS Dean) receive a Master of Divinity from Northwest Baptist Seminary upon successful completion of the program.

Mastery Learning

Immerse is based on the principle of mastery learning, a system in which students don’t just complete assignments: they live out those assignments in the context of life and ministry. Guided by a team of mentors, students work through a series of carefully-crafted learning experiences designed to help them accumulate the knowledge, skills, and character that are required in pastoral ministry leaders.

Program Structure

Ministry Leadership Outcomes

The primary means of learning in Immerse is the accumulation of 27 interdependent Ministry Leadership Outcomes (MLO) that describe the characteristics of a fully-formed pastoral ministry leader. MLOs are multithreaded, not sequential, and are designed to be completed over a longer period than traditional semester-based courses.

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