Graduation Policies and Procedures

Immerse Intent to Graduate

Northwest Baptist Seminary students approaching the end of their academic program must apply to graduate. This gives the Registrar the opportunity to do a program audit for the student and to confirm whether or not the student is eligible to graduate. The graduation fee is $200 and will be charged to your credit card when the application form is submitted.
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In the Immerse program, the Application for Graduation starts a series of protocols intended to determine the student’s readiness for graduation and initiates the Capstone Assessment process.

The Application for Graduation has a deadline of May 1.

Students who apply for Graduation should be aware that they have 3 months to fully complete the Immerse program requirements, including Capstone and the Capstone Assessment. Your program should be fully complete by August 31 in the year you intend to graduate.

The Readiness for Graduation Review and Report

Application for Graduation initiates a Readiness for Graduation review and report. The nature of Immerse as a mentor managed program requires a review of the student’s portfolio by the Registrar and the affirmation of the student’s mentor team. The resulting Readiness for Graduation report will be submitted to the Immerse Management Team for either approval or delay of request for Graduation.

A delay of request for graduation reflects the Immerse Management Teams concern that the student may not be in a reasonable position to satisfactorily complete the Immerse program requirements by the programs Capstone Completion deadlines. A delay of request for graduation could result in continuing for another year, or in a program extension (see below).

Immerse Program Extension Policy

The Immerse Management Team holds responsibility to grant program extensions.

  • Program Extension requires students to have submitted their paid Application to Graduate ($200) before the May 1 deadline;
  • Program Extension requires students acknowledge their awareness of and willingness to pay the $500 Program Extension Fee if they have not completed program requirements by the end of the Immerse iterations academic year.
  • If Program Extension is required and granted, the students Annual Tuition will be correspondingly adjusted. Some factors to keep in mind:
    • A Program Extension Fee of $500 will be invoiced;
    • Any outstanding Instructional Seminars will be invoiced at $125 per seminar, determined in communication with the student;
    • Annual Tuition (network adjusted) will be invoiced according to the policy below until program completion:
      • Quarter 1 (Sept-Nov) 25% of Annual Tuition invoiced to student
      • Quarter 2 (Dec-Feb) an additional 25% of Annual Tuition invoiced
      • Quarters 3 & 4  the remaining 50% of Annual Tuition invoiced


Approval of the students Readiness for Graduation initiates the Capstone protocols.

Capstone is the final step required for students to complete the Immerse program and consists of three components:

  1. The Capstone MLO which must be completed and submitted by the student;
  2. The Mentor Team’s Capstone Report to be completed by the student’s Mentor Team;
  3. The Capstone Assessment Team Interview

These three components lead to a review and affirmation of the student, the corresponding work of the mentor team, and the ultimate recommendation of Capstone Assessment Team for graduation.

Capstone Protocol Completion Deadlines:

  • Student are required to complete all outstanding MLOs and the required ODAs by July 15;
  • Student Mentor Teams are expected to complete grading of all ODAs and MLOs by Aug.1;
  • The Mentor Team is expected to complete their Capstone Report by Aug.15;
  • Capstone Interviews will typically be schedule for the 3rd week of August annually;
  • IMT coordinates the arrangement of Student and Mentor Teams Capstone Completion Interviews;
  • IMT coordinates the disbursal of Student and Mentor Team’s Capstone Documents to Assessment team before the 3rd week of August annually.

Capstone Completion Assessment Interview

Culminating the Immerse Capstone, an assessment team consisting of interviewers from Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship Pacific will interview the student and the student’s mentor team. The interview will provide opportunity to demonstrate the student’s mastery of the Immerse program outcomes and affirm the student’s completion of the Immerse Master of Divinity program requirements.

The assessment team will then determine their recommendation for graduation, and submit that recommendation to the Northwest Seminary Dean’s Office for completion of program administration.


Northwest Baptist Seminary and Fellowship Pacific will normally schedule its Immerse Commencement Celebration in late September, in conjunction with the scheduled Instructional Seminars.

Northwest Baptist Seminary will coordinate Immerse Commencement Celebrations with partner networks in cooperation with their individual scheduling needs.