Northwest Board Appoints New President

Dr. Kent and Karen Anderson appointed next president of Northwest Baptist Seminary

Dr. Kenton Anderson accepted the Northwest Baptist Seminary Board’s offer to become its eighth President, effective January 1, 2011.  The Board’s decision and Dr. Anderson’s acceptance culminate an 18 month process of succession planning and searching.

Dr. Larry Perkins is retiring from the role of president, a position he has held since 2000.  He will be continuing at Northwest in a teaching capacity.

Dr. Kenton Anderson (Kent) holds a Ph.D. with a major in preaching from Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, along with a Bachelor’s degree from Northwest Baptist Theological College and two Master’s degrees from Northwest Baptist Seminary. In 1994 he graduated from Northwest Baptist Seminary /ACTS Seminaries with a Master of Divinity and went on to complete his doctoral degree in 1996. His doctoral dissertation project showed how preaching models have closely followed trends in culture. Kent’s project for that was to develop a new integrative model for preaching. Since then, Kent has published three books on the subject, Preaching with Conviction (Kregel 2001), Preaching with Integrity (Kregel 2003), and Choosing to Preach (Zondervan 2006). Kent’s professional website is where he blogs on preaching and culture and provides a significant resource for preachers. He also has served as a contributing editor at and is a past president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society. Kent also contributes courses in spiritual formation in various Northwest/ACTS Seminaries programs. Along with his academic and literary accomplishments Kent also has direct pastoral experience having served for 11 years in local churches in both British Columbia and Alberta. He has also taught and preached in hundreds of churches and ministry centres across North America and the world.

Kent joined the faculty of Northwest and ACTS Seminaries in 1996 and became Dean of Northwest Baptist Seminary in 2001. He is also the director of the Centre for Ministry Excellence at Trinity Western University.

Kent has been married to his wife, Karen, for more than 27 years. Kent and Karen have three adult children. He loves reading, playing golf and hockey, and making music on his guitar.

As he envisions his leadership in this new role, Kent comments:

“I am humbled by the trust I have been given. Previous occupants of this position — Howard Anderson, Doug Harris, and, of course, Larry Perkins, have all been significant and valued personal mentors to me. The thought that I am now following in their train is a daunting, and yet motivating prospect. I believe that Northwest can be a powerful tool by which we raise up significant numbers of well-prepared leaders for the ministries that God has called us to within the Fellowship Baptist movement and beyond.”

“As a graduate of Northwest and former Fellowship Baptist pastor, myself, I appreciate the way my Northwest experiences have shaped me and made it possible for me to fulfill the calling that God has given me. I want to make the same thing possible for many others.”

“Without altering our sense of mission, our future at Northwest will engage fresh innovative methods in direct collaboration with our churches and our Fellowship. I believe that the best training happens in the context for which people are being trained. You can expect, then, that we will be working very closely with our churches, our pastors, and our denominational leadership. Our goal will be to achieve a significant new stage of development in our mutual mandate to equip Spirit-filled people, who are gifted and called for the various ministries and mission of the church.”


Larry Perkins, Ph.D.

President, Northwest Baptist Seminary

November 1, 2010