New Opportunities, New Staff

Serving as President of Northwest is a wonderful thing. I get to lead a dedicated team of staff and faculty as we train leaders in ministry context, develop partners around the world who share our vision for competency-based training, and build innovative technologies that are making possible a deeper and more effective discipleship. To quote a certain other president to the south, there is “so much winning!”
One of those ways we are winning, is with our newly redesigned Doctor of Ministry program through ACTS Seminaries. This innovative program allows our experienced pastors and leaders build a doctoral program around their ministry dream through guided, contextual learning. Through this means we are guiding our seasoned leaders to achieve tangible, new initiatives for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Education at Northwest is more than hypothetical.
Speaking of ACTS, I would love to invite you to join Karen and I, along with a group of ACTS professors and leaders on a trip to the Holy Land this spring. Led by ACTS Executive Director, Guy Saffold, myself, and others, we will walk the streets that Jesus walked. The trip is scheduled for May 3-15 and is reasonably priced at less than $4,000, all inclusive. Let me know if you are interested in details.
Finally, I am pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our team at Northwest. Kajle Radbourne joins us as Assistant Director of Operations. Kajle, an alumnus, brings pastoral experience and a broad skill set to the role. You will already have read his lead article in this newsletter. In addition, Ruth McGillivray re-joins us as Director of Competency-Based Education. She brings decades of experience working with industry, the trades, the tech sector, and government in competency-based training. Her experience is invaluable to us. Some of you may remember her as the daughter of former Northwest President, Doug Harris.
Thanks again for your interest and your support. Pray for us, that we can keep our focus on the things that are important to our Lord. Consider also supporting us as we head toward year-end. Remember that every dollar you give goes directly to students in the form of financial aid.