Immerse “Fence Posts”

Unlike course-based educational models where formal instruction is delivered in the context of semester-by-semester attendance in the classroom, context and competency-based educational models require alternative ways for students to take in intentional instruction.

For Immerse, Northwest has developed a system of Workshops and Seminars where students will typically come in to a specified centre and absorb two to three days of intense instruction on a particular topic. The students then return to their ministry contexts and put into practice the instruction they have received. Their mentors interact with them on the material and ensure that the students have indeed grasped the instructional material and are mastering the implementation of what they have learned into their various ministry contexts. We view these instructional opportunities like fence posts – carefully selected for strength, intentionally spaced, and firmly cemented – keeping the fence wire taut.

These times of coming together for seminars and workshops have provided our students the additional benefit of developing friendships and sharing their ministries and lives with one another.

Here are some photos of our Immerse faculty and students as they participate in the Immerse Instructional Seminars and Immerse Exegetical Workshops.

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