Growing Programs Means Growing Staff

Northwest is growing! The rapid growth of our Immerse and Korean Language programs, and the resulting global opportunities has required Northwest to build its team. We have recognized God’s providence as He has brought several wonderful new people to our ministry team. Many of these new team members have a history with Northwest and Fellowship Pacific and return to us now perfectly suited through education and experience for the next stage of Northwest’s ministry.

Ruth McGillivray brings her
experience in competency-
based training to Immerse

Ruth McGillivray joined us as the Director of Competency-Based Education in September 2017. Ruth is the daughter of one of Northwest’s former presidents, Dr. Doug Harris. Ruth brings over 25 years of experience designing, developing and leading competency-based learning and assessment programs for corporate and trades training. As we continue to develop the Immerse program and paradigm it is obvious that Ruth is providing valuable assistance to Northwest. We are excited to have Ruth on board as we continue to grow our influence as leaders in the field of competency-based theological education and move into other opportunities our expertise allows.

Another new team member is Dr. Elsie Froment. Elsie joined the Northwest team in January 2018 in the role of Director of Research. This is the first such appointment in Northwest’s new Research Faculty category. Along with her Ph.D. in history from Queen’s University, Elsie has Fellowship Baptist roots, having attended Fellowship churches in Mission, Port Coquitlam and Kingston, and earned her first degree as a student of Northwest Baptist Theological College. Elsie previously served as Assistant to the Dean at NBS before moving to Trinity Western University where she served in various roles including Academic Initiatives, Quality Assurance, and Dean of Research. Elsie is providing leadership and direction to the proposed Northwest Institute for Ministry Education Research and serves as the primary liaison for Northwest with the Provincial Government’s Ministry of Advanced Education.

As the Immerse program continues to gain momentum, Northwest has been seeking ways to extend this approach internationally. Partnering with Fellowship International, Northwest is planning to bring accredited theological and ministry training to national pastors right in their local context.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the appointment of two individuals in roles to actualize the Global Immerse vision.

Rob Brynjolfsen brings global
ministry leadership experience to Global Immerse and Korean
language programs

Rob Brynjolfsen is another Fellowship family member that is finding opportunity to connect his expertise with Northwest’s growing vision. Through a joint appointment with Fellowship International, Rob will bring his years of global ministry leadership experience to serve two roles with Northwest – the Director of Global Immerse and the Associate Director of Korean Language Programming. Rob has had first-hand experience watching Northwest grow, having served on the Northwest Board of Governors. Rob is already busy setting up our first Global Immerse partner in Latin America.

In addition to the Director of Global Immerse, Northwest has also entered into an agreement with Andrés Rincón to fill the role of Associate Director of Global Immerse: Latin America. Andrés will work under Rob’s leadership in facilitating

Fresh off graduating from Immerse,
Andrés Rincón will help launch the
program in Columbia

Global Immerse in his native Columbia. Andrés is a recent grad from the Immerse program and our first graduate outside of North America. Andrés leads a movement of young leaders and ministers. From that group, and other Fellowship International network connections, at least eight students have expressed interest in being part of the first Global Immerse program in Latin America.

So you can see – Northwest is growing! We believe each of these individuals represents a unique part of the growing work that God has entrusted to Northwest. And while we are excited about the growth in vision, opportunities and personnel, we are also challenged by our need for facilities to house our expanding team. Northwest’s offices in the Fosmark Center provide office space for thirteen employees on any given day. We will shortly have eighteen people looking to share office space every week. The growing isn’t finished – but that’s another story!