Faith, Family and Friends

Discipling kingdom leaders and serving the Fellowship churches have been Northwest’s mission for over 80 years. Our faith, family, and friends keep us focused on this mission.

Our faith

Our heavenly Father has given us The Great Commission. Matthew 28:19-20 describes how we are to go out and make disciples of all nations. All programs at Northwest prepare students to fulfill this Great Commission.

Our family

God has bought us many students who have become a part of our steadily growing Northwest family. Noel Manucduc is one such family member. He has a strong desire to serve churches and organizations across the globe.

Noel recently completed his Master of Divinity in the Immerse program, specializing in chaplaincy. As a chaplain with Baptist Housing, part of our beloved Fellowship family, we wanted to ask Noel about his experiences in Immerse.

What is it like being a chaplain for Baptist Housing? 

Noel: I have made many lifelong friendships and connections. It is very fulfilling work when I can minister to both residents and colleagues. I have learned to walk alongside each and every person. My biggest surprise was learning that my co-workers also needed my pastoral care! I am privileged to share the love of Christ each day.

What do you wish to share with others about Northwest’s Immerse program?

Noel: It is a blessing to connect with residents and co-workers at two former care homes. I have built strong friendships over the past four years. I have grown and developed critical pathways to be a better pastor and leader since completing the Immerse program. I have a deeper understanding, respect, and empathy about the challenges people from all walks of life experience. I strongly encourage anyone to consider the Immerse program—it will make you a better pastor!

Our friends

We give thanks to our many partners and friends for their unwavering generosity and support. We rely on your constant prayers and financial gifts to encourage and assist Northwest’s students. It is your gifts that provide the necessary financial aid, bursaries, and Immerse scholarships.

Six Ways to Give

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