Dr. Larry Perkins – New book availible now

Dr. Larry Perkins and Baylor University Press are pleased to announce the publishing of Dr. Perkins’ latest work, The Pastoral Letters: A Handbook on the Greek Text.
This resource is for those interested in digging into the Greek of the pastoral letters (1-2 Timothy and Titus). The editor at BUP asked if he would write for this series and Dr. Perkins welcomed the opportunity. Dr. Perkins comments, “I hope I have brought some new clarity to a few of these important questions.”

This book is, “For a Christian leader who has some knowledge of Koine Greek,” comments Dr. Perkins. He also notes that this book is a handy resource for pastors, students, and teachers on the Greek text of the Pastoral Letters.

Dr. Perkins, “Was struck by the ‘literary’ level of discourse in the letters.” This project was a joy for Dr. Perkins. He discovered insights about God’s grace that enlivened his research. “God’s grace is our teacher and this grace is teaching us ‘that renouncing impiety and worldly desires we should live prudently, uprightly, and piously in this present age.”

I asked Dr. Perkins, now that he finished this book, are there any other projects he was working on. At the moment there are four this year. A commentary on the Greek Translation of Exodus. A journal article on the portrayal of Aaron in Exodus 32 for publication later this year. A chapter in a volume of essays he wrote on Exodus 2:2-10 is to come out this November by the Society of Biblical Literature. In November, he is presenting a paper on at the Society of Biblical Literature meetings in Boston. His topic is the Greek Translator’s intent and interpretation of Exodus 23:21-23.

For those interested in learning more about the topic, Dr. Perkins offers this advice. If you want to become more thoroughly acquainted with the letters and their meanings as intended by the writer, working with the Greek text is vital. “Interaction with the Greek text directly reaps considerable reward. Even if your knowledge of Greek is minimal, with the help of Greek computer tools or other print resources, you can interact with the Greek text and understand more fully what the English translations might be seeking to express.”

If you would like more information on Dr. Perkins’ book, visit: http://baylorpress.com/Book/523/The_Pastoral_Letters.html.