Will You Pray for Northwest?

Kingdom ministry requires many resources, but the most important one has to be prayer. To train ministry leaders involves people in significant personal change, spiritual development, and critical decisions. Great opportunities exist for Satan’s intervention and the prayers of God’s people for our Seminary ministry are crucial to hinder his destructive activity in the lives of students and faculty/staff.

We know we live and work “under God’s mighty hand,” and this enables to “cast our cares upon him” (1 Peter 5:6-7). We invite you to join us in asking God for protection, spiritual wisdom, and resources to fulfill our vision. But perhaps the most important aspect you can pray for is this – our ability to identify and nurture emerging ministry leaders.

I would invite you to join with us today and pray:

  • That the Holy Spirit would empower our faculty and staff to be mentors and teachers who present Christ in all their living;
  • That leaders-in-training will have courage and discipline to equip themselves for God’s calling;
  • That God will provide the resources necessary to help us fulfill our vision with excellence;
  • That the Holy Spirit will be keeping our alumni spiritually strong and energetic in Kingdom ministry.


















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