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Support our Annual General Fund

Northwest Baptist Seminary, through its participation in the ACTS Seminaries consortium is able to operate efficiently. Each year we seek to raise at least $100,000 in general funds. Please consider helping us meet our goal.

Support General Student Financial Aid

Support Immerse

The Immerse program is of critical importance to the mission of Northwest Baptist Seminary and to the churches and agencies that we serve. Students pursuing this program will earn either the Master of Divinity degree or the Master of Arts in Christian Studies (depending upon their qualifications upon entry). More importantly, these students will emerge as exceedingly well trained candidates for pastoral leadership within our Fellowship Baptist movement. We believe that charging tuition would put church-based education of this kind beyond the reach of most of the students we would be targeting for this program. For that reason, we require the support of donors.

Costs Associated with Operating Immerse

Many stakeholders share in the cost of operating this program. Partnering agencies certainly bear significant costs as do the churches and contextual organizations where students serve. Costs to the seminary are primarily associated with the employment of staff who operate the program. These include the president, the registrar, financial staff, the director of development, and program advisors. Northwest also pays small stipends to academic mentors. The annual cost to Northwest for the operation of Immerse is at least $120,000. This based upon our best current estimate considering reasonable time allotments for each of these staff members along with other hard costs. Note that Northwest receives a token amount from students toward these costs in the form of an annual $500 management fee.

Fundraising for Immerse

The operation of Immerse within Northwest is dependent upon our ability to raise funds for this purpose. As we are not directly charging tuition for this program, it is difficult to allot donation income directly to students in the form of financial aid. However, it is clear that without such support, Northwest would not be able to operate Immerse. Such support can be offered in large lump sums or in smaller amounts. For example, if we were to receive $50 per month from eight to ten people per student, and if we enrolled 25 students per year, we would be able to adequately cover the costs associated with operation. Note that as we are not yet at that level of support or student enrolment, Northwest has been willing to seed initial operations out of its current budgeted operations.

Thank You

We deeply appreciate all those who have caught the vision for this program and who have shown themselves willing to support Immerse. We truly believe that with your help, this program will result in significant change for the future of our churches and ministries.

Northwest Baptist Seminary is the graduate theological division of Northwest Baptist Theological College (our legal name). Our charity number from CRA is 10778 5610 RT0001.

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OPTION 6: Donating Securities

Donations of publicly traded securities is a tax efficient way of donating. Donating equities directly to Northwest allows you to save the capital gains tax and maximize your gift.


Making Northwest a beneficiary of a life insurance policy

You can also give via your Estate

Consider including Northwest Baptist Seminary (legal name “Northwest Baptist Theological College”) in your will.  By doing so your estate could provide a significant legacy for the continued training of ministry leaders. Such estate contributions are usually placed in our endowment funds with earned investment income used to support our ministries.

For more information contact Dianne Gleave.

Northwest Baptist Seminary only spends funds for programs and projects it has approved. Funds designated for an approved program or project will be used as designated. Where the need for a program or project is met or cannot be completed, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most. Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes.

Northwest Baptist Seminary is the graduate theological division of Northwest Baptist Theological College (our legal name). Our charity number from CRA is 10778 5610 RT0001.