Director’s Desk: Interview with Mark Evans

Mark Evans serves as the Associate Pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Mark grew up and was raised in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island before moving to Edmonton. He has just recently graduated from the Immerse program, the first Fellowship Prairies student to do so. Mark and his wife Brittany also welcomed their first child, Faith, a few months ago. Northwest’s Director of Development Ron Sing talked with Mark to ask him about his family, his ministry and his Immerse experience.

Ron: Who were some of your mentors that were influential in your faith and in shaping your character?

Mark: A number of people had a profound impact on different aspects of my faith. I am thankful for my Mom and Dad, who laid an amazing foundation of trusting God. Pastor Paul Hawkes at Parksville whet my appetite for expositional preaching. Nigel Wheeler in Lethbridge, Alberta taught me systematic theology. John Bonham in Edmonton, Alberta taught me leadership and discipleship and my three Immerse mentors, Jason Hagen, Phil Webb, and Dr. Kent Anderson all pushed me to wrestle with godly character amongst other things! 

Ron: What areas of your life and ministry where most impacted by  Immerse?

Mark: During Immerse, I had to dig deep and work through some personal issues that I didn’t want to address. Without sharing specifics, I had signed up for a church leadership degree program (Immerse) and the biggest impact was in my family life! Immerse gave me a vision for church ministry, leading my family into God’s blessing first, and then from that place of harmony and health, helping others realize that same future – where Christ reigns over all. 

Ron: What is your ministry now? Do you feel you are more prepared and equipped for your ministries after graduating from Immerse?

Mark: I am currently serving in Edmonton at Fellowship Baptist Church where I was recently elected as Associate Pastor. Immerse absolutely gave me the leadership competencies required in this line of Kingdom service. I am deeply thankful to the many saints who have supported the Immerse program with their generous giving and prayers and the leadership of the Northwest team and Fellowship Pacific. Many thanks to all my mentors, family and friends who have supported and encouraged me these past few years!