2011-02-25 ReSourcing Church Conference

Northwest hosted the biennial Pickford Conferences in Theology and Ministry here on the Campus of Trinity Western University.  It was held in conjunction with the annual ACTS Seminaries Ministry Conference.  The conference was titled ReSourcing Church: Discerning Biblical Community between Tradition and Culture.  The plenary speaker was Dr. Jim Belcher author of Deep Church.  Breakout speakers included Dr. Larry Perkins, Dr. Kent Anderson, Dr. Arnell Motz, Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Dr. Brad Noel and Dr. Brian Rapske.  The conference host was Dr. Archie Spencer, J.H. Pickford Chair in Theology.

Plenary Sessions:

The plenary sessions were all videoed and can be viewed here.  Click on the link to open the video.

    1. Plenary I – Dr. Jim Belcher: Deep Evangelism

[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/resourcing/2011-02-25_plenary1_belcher.flv” ]

    1. Plenary II – Dr. Jim Belcher: Deep Ecclesiology

[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/resourcing/2011-02-25_plenary2_belcher.flv” ]

    1. Plenary III – – Dr. Jim Belcher: Deep Culture

[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/resourcing/2011-02-26_plenary3_belcher.flv” ]

    1. Evening Public Lecture – Dr. Jim Belcher: Deep Worship

[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/resourcing/2011-02-25_public_belcher.flv” ]

Breakout Sessions:

The breakout sessions were not videoed (with the exception of “Deep Exegesis”). However materials provided by the presenters can be accessed here [more will be added as available].

    • Dr. Brad Noel: “Where is the Holy Spirit: The Spirit’s Role in Deepening Church” – (Presentation PDF)
    • Dr. Larry Perkins: “Deep Gospel” must be the “Full Gospel” – Reflections on Matthew’s Vision of Gospel Reality – (Presentation PDF and Notes PDF)
    • Dr. Kent Anderson: Deep Preaching: Toward an Integrative Model for “Third-Way” Preachers – (Presentation PDF and Notes PDF)
    • Dr. Jonathan Wilson: “Re-Sourcing a baptist Vision of the Church in an Emotivist Age” – (Presentation PDF and Notes PDF)
    • Dr. Arnell Motz: Deep Mission – (Presentation PDF and Notes PDF)
    • Dr. Brian Rapske: Deep Exegesis [mp4] – (Presentation PDF and Notes PDF)

[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/resourcing/2011-02-26_breakout_rapske.flv” ]


This was an ACTS Seminaries Ministry Conference and was sponsored by:

  • Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • Canadian Baptist Seminary
  • Canadian Pentecostal Seminary


Download a 8½ X 11 poster in PDF

Download a 11 X 17 poster in PDF

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