2010-10-30 Church, Marketplace and Mission Conference

Church, Marketplace and Mission Conference

A conference designed to help Christians in business to develop a keener passion for impacting their marketplace with the Gospel – with some immediate applications.

This conference was provided for:

  • Church leaders (pastors, etc.) who want to challenge their church members with new missions opportunities.
  • Business people, business students, and employees – challenge them with the opportunities in business as mission and marketplace ministry.
  • Missions leaders and missions students – challenge them to consider developing ministry plans that would include business as mission.

List of the day’s presentations

(Some of the sessions were videoed – click on the ones that have an active link to view the video)

8:30 – 8:45am — Opening remarks by Dr. Ken Radant
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Ken-Radant-Intro.flv” image=”#”]

8:45 – 10am — First Plenary: Dr. Neal Johnson — Business as Mission – A New Missions Frontier – (BAM PowerPoint)
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Neal-Johnson-first-plenary.flv” image=”#”]

10:15 – 11 — Morning Workshops:

Track One: Mission and the Local Church — Changing Paradigms — Dr. Joanne Pepper (Associate Professor of Global Missions, TWU/ACTS)

Track Two: Marketplace Spirituality – Gerry Organ

Track Three: Apologetics and Ethics in the Marketplace — Dr. Paul Chamberlain (Associate Professor of Apologetics) – (Apologetics PowerPoint)
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Paul-Chamberlain.flv” image=”#”]

11:10 – 12:15 — Second Plenary:  Gerry Organ — Marketplace and the Believer – (PowerPoint)
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Gerry-Organ-second-plenary.flv” image=”#”]

1 – 2:00 — Third Plenary: Dr. Neal Johnson: How the Church Engages BAM –  (BAM Models PowerPoint)
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Neal-Johnson-third-plenary.flv” image=”#”]

2:15 – 3 — Afternoon Workshops

Track One: Business as Mission — Making it Happen – Dr. Neal Johnson – (PowerPoint)

Track Two: Church Leaders and the Entrepreneur: The Challenges & Opportunities of Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit.- Dr. Rick Goossen – ()
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Rick-Goossen.flv” image=”#”]

Track Three – Marketplace — Borderland of Christianity and Culture — Dr. Bruce Guenther (Associate Professor, Church History and Canadian Evangelicalism) – (Theological Perspectives PowerPoint)

3:15 – 4 — Panel Discussion chaired by Dr. Larry Perkins.
[jwplayer config=”Player 320X500″ file=”http://videos.nbseminary.ca/2010-10-Larry-Perkins-Panel.flv” image=”#”]

Participants — Dr. Neal Johnson, Gerry Organ, Dr. Rick Goossen, Dr. Bruce Guenther, Dr. Joanne Pepper, Dr. Paul Chamberlain

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