Commencement 2016

A momentous event is on the horizon for Northwest Baptist Seminary.

It has been fourteen years since Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary hosted its own graduation celebration. That is about to change.

On Friday, September 23, Northwest will once again host a Commencement Celebration, our 56th, and we couldn’t be happier.

Since 2002, when NBTC/S hosted its 55th Commencement Celebration, we have been celebrating student commencement with the partner schools of the ACTS Consortium, based on the Trinity Western University campus. We are still proud to be a part of the ground breaking, collaborative, theological educational partnership that is ACTS. Our relationship with ACTS is healthy and our work together is thriving as we seek to provide theological education and training to students from different denominational backgrounds. But the work at Northwest has been growing.

Artboard-2Northwest’s commitment and vision has always been to serve well our primary partners, Fellowship Pacific and the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches across Canada. In these last 4 years, the close partnership between Northwest and Fellowship Pacific has been leveraged in another ground-breaking and collaborative effort to develop Immerse, a program and educational model of context and competency based education that is influential in changing the face of theological education across North America.

What began as a dream and developed into the Immerse program, is now an officially recognized “experimental model” of competency based education by The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the accrediting agency of Theological schools across North America. We are currently the only school accredited to grant a Master of Divinity degree through this context and competency based model – and our first students are nearing the completion of their program of studies.

While graduating a few Immerse Masters of Divinity students doesn’t seem like a huge splash in today’s academic world, this is indeed a momentous occasion for Northwest. First, graduating students from programs unique to our vision of providing quality and innovative context based ministry solutions is important to our historical identity as a Theological College and Seminary. Second, our Immerse graduates represent the first of what potentially is the next significant wave of advanced theological education – and Northwest is leading the way. Regardless, we are excited to have our school once again graduating students independently.

In all this, we continue to be most grateful for our friends and partners in ministry – our Fellowship Baptist family. We invite you to join us in our celebration of the future of our movement. To God be the Glory!

Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary will host our 56th Commencement Celebration at SouthRidge Fellowship in Langley on Friday evening, September 23rd, 2016.