Missions and the Local Church

The world of Christian missions as an expression of God’s mission to the world is constantly developing. Churches struggle to understand their role in this swiftly changing landscape. How can their efforts make a difference in cross-cultural ministry? How can priorities for support, prayer and participation be established? How can people be recruited to participate in this aspect of God’s mission?

Fellowship International  and Northwest Baptist Seminary want to guide our Fellowship churches towards effective and fulfilling cross-cultural ministry involvement.  To this end, we are providing a variety of resources and opportunities to support and enhance our churches’ current involvement in missions and cross-cultural ministry.  Follow the links to view details of the following:

One Day Workshops for Fellowship church missions mobilizers and missions committees arranged by request as well as opportunities for longer term coaching for missions and evangelism.

Many churches are involved in sending short term missions teams.  This dedication of time and resources is sometimes well spent with lasting positive impact, and at other times represents a missed opportunity to expose people to a fuller understanding of our calling to be involved in the God’s mission to the world.  With the aim of supporting and enhancing these efforts in our churches, our desire is to assist churches in using these opportunities as teachable moments that will lead the team to greater commitment.  Check out the support we offer for church based Short Term Missions.

Check out the Code of Best Practices for Church Missions Mobilizers to evaluate your church’s current approach to missions involvement.

If you are interested in increasing the impact and effectiveness of your church based cross-cultural ministries and missions committee / team, or if your church has something to offer in this area please contact:

Mark Naylor
email via form below

One thought on “Missions and the Local Church

  1. los61mtb

    I hope we can agree that the church should especially care about eternal suffering. The church is that unique gospel community chartered by Jesus Christ himself. Consequently, it should especially labor to fulfill its unique mission to guard the gospel, proclaim the gospel, and disciple those who respond in repentance and faith to the gospel.


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