Significant Conversations

… where “heaven overlaps with the earth.”

God loves words

He started the world with words
Let there be light!
His words became conversations
Adam, where are you?
And his conversations continued
I am the LORD your God, I delivered you. You are my people
But when God wanted to speak his deepest message of love,
the conversation became human
The Word became one of us.

Continue the conversation….

Significant Conversations Premise

If we can learn how to initiate and navigate conversations so that we talk comfortably and deeply about those aspects of life that are important to all participants in the conversation, that will lead to opportunities to express our faith.

Evangelism that Resonates with the Canadian Context

Developing support networks that encourage, equip and empower people to talk about the values and beliefs that shape our lives

SISI is an acronym that describes a grassroots approach to evangelism. It relieves the pressure we feel to “present a gospel message” and replaces it with the freedom to enjoy significant conversations.

This approach creates a conversational space where there are no winners or losers, just people who are able to express what is significant to them. For the true believer, this is an opportunity for Jesus to shine.

SISI is grassroots.  Because conversations are a natural part of our daily relationships, we are encouraged to take current relationships to a deeper, more significant, spiritual level.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone (Col 4:6)

SISI consists of four essential aspects:

  • SUPPORT: Encouragement comes as a network of believers support each other to “go deeper” in conversation with those they are involved with day-to-day.
  • INTENTIONALITY: Which is expressed
    through prayer,
    attentiveness to the stories of others,
    and response to the opportunities God gives to explore and understand their beliefs and values.
  • SIGNIFICANT CONVERSATIONS: A conversation of exploration and honesty is encouraged, instead of a rehearsed salvation message. The believer learns to listen and understand, creating “conversational space” to speak of what is relevant and real in their own spiritual life. Because we are listening, we are able to relate our experiences in a way that resonates with the spiritual journey of others.
  • IMPACT: Success is measured by the evidence of increased openness and sensitivity to the way of Christ in the spiritual journey of our conversation partners.

How do we live this out?

  1. Believe that God is already at work in the lives of the people we are concerned about. Believe that this is primarily God’s mission, not ours. We are just along for the ride.
  2. Pray that God will show us where he is at work. Ask him to give opportunities to talk about serious, deeper issues of life. Don’t try to manipulate the conversation in a particular direction. Wait until God provides the invitation to be involved.
  3. Attend to the concerns of others. Find out what is important to them, where God fits in. Think like a missionary – good missionaries spend most of their time listening in order to understand. Be alert to the opportunities God gives that can lead to significant conversations.
  4. When we get the opportunity, respond with authenticityconversation about what is real to us: the grace of God, the love of Jesus and God’s daily presence. Because we have truly listened, our words will be relevant to those with whom we want to explore the deeper issues of life.


The Goal of Coaching for
Significant Conversations

The goal of coaching for Significant Conversations is to create an environment in the church in which the majority of the believers are praying on an ongoing basis for and with another member of the congregation that God would give that person invitations to engage in significant conversations.


80%* of the people in your community
will not attend church this Sunday

Your church is already talking to that 80%

Help make those conversations significant


*This is based on an Angus Reid poll that estimated 18% of BC west coast residents attend church regularly. However, according to an Ipsos Reid poll and Dr. Reg Bibby, Canada-wide 25% of Canadians attend church weekly, and 34% monthly.

Download a brochure explaining the SISI Acronym
(NOTE: print out on both sides of an 8×11 page, fold over according to page numbers.)

Check out the books used in the Significant Conversations coaching process.

Experience at a deeper level what is already a current reality – believers are already salt and light.  Ask Mark about the workshop and coaching opportunities for Significant Conversations that will get you started. Contact form below.

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