Carrying the Torch in Castlegar

On January 24th, I had the privilege of carrying the Olympic Torch in Castlegar, BC.  Like many of the other 12000 torch bearers across this country, I was selected for this honour because of my involvement in the community.

However, as I carried the torch high, for my 300 meters of fame at 8:12am on a Sunday morning, I realized this honour did not belong to me alone.  This was made very clear to me even before my torch was lit.  As I was waiting for the flame, a mom with two boys at her side saw me, and said, “look it’s Pastor Colin from High Power Soccer Camp.”  They quickly ran to my side, and snapped a few pictures and I let them hold the torch.

Any recognition I received in Castlegar, is really only an extension of the mission of Kinnaird Park Community Church like this.  KPCC encouraged my involvement as a coach in minor soccer as part of their outreach ministry.  The community recognizes the ministries of Kinnaird Park like High Power Soccer Camp and the children’s programs they run as important contributions to the area.  Finally, Kinnaird Park has welcomed and supported many community groups and organizations by providing space in their facility.

After I was shuttled back to the local Rec Center, the community celebration began as the torch lit the cauldron in Castlegar.  I was unable to stay, because I joined another form of community celebration.  In my torch bearer outfit, I spoke at Kinnaird Park about how God has called us as a Region, local churches and as individuals to be light to the world.  I really do believe that when we are a city on a hill that shares and shows the love of Jesus that we make an eternal difference and people will glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).