Board of Governors award recipient -Dr. Gerry Kraft

Dr. Gerald Kraft’s extraordinary service as a member of the Board of Governors of Northwest Baptist Seminary ran from 1980 until 1995. He served as the Chairman of the Board for ten of those years. As a missionary with Outreach Canada, Gerry was in a unique position to give a significant portion of his time to his role as Board Chair. There were times when it was a full-time job for him, especially in the years leading up to the construction and move of the campus to Trinity Western University.

Gerry is a man of God, who loves the Lord with all his heart and mind, and who displays the fruit of the Spirit in the way he leads and relates to others. As Chair of the Board, he went above and beyond, graciously hosting students and events in his home. His colleagues describe him as fair, kind, honest, and intelligent – sensitive to the opinions and needs of others, including faculty, staff, and other board members.

Doug Harris, who was President of the college and seminary during those years says, “Gerry gave positive, reasoned and reasonable direction to the Board during his tenure as Chairman. He worked well with the board members and was responsible to develop and magnify unity and harmony.”

Today we acknowledge that Gerry’s wise and courageous leadership helped make possible the success that Northwest enjoys today. We teach that leadership requires the capacity to see beyond the present to imagine possibilities not evident to everyone at any particular moment. Gerry embodied this approach, leading the Board through a series of difficult decisions that served to establish a financial and structural foundation that has allowed the seminary to flourish.

In recognition of this, the Northwest Baptist Seminary Board of Governors is pleased to present to Dr. Gerald Kraft, its Board of Governors Award, offered in appreciation to select individuals who have offered exceptional service to the mission of the Seminary.

We believe Gerry to be more than worthy of this honour and we thank the Lord for his life and service. May his example encourage others to follow I this spirit.