“Being Church”

Being Church: Explorations in Christian Community

It has been my pleasure to participate in the publication of a small book written by our faculty at Northwest Baptist Seminary. The book, Being Church: Exploration in Christian Community was recently published in honor of the former Regional Director of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in British Columbia, Bruce Christensen.

The book features a chapter on the various forms of multi and inter-cultural church by Mark Naylor, Northwest’s Co-Ordinator of International Leadership Development. This piece seeks to encourage intentional intercultural relationships with practical suggestions for those willing to step out of their comfort zone to discover how God speaks into another cultural setting.

Northwest President Larry Perkins has written a helpful piece on local church governance advocating for a shared-governance model. This is in contrast to both the highly democratic and highly autocratic models often seen in local churches today.

New Testament scholar, Brian Rapske’s contribution looks at the nature of the Samaritan mission in Acts 8. His specific interest is the delay in the reception of the Holy Spirit, arguing that this delay was anomalous and singular and not normative for the church today.

Lyle Schrag, Director of the Northwest Center for Leadership Development, offers a chapter titled “A Heart for the Local Church” in which he describes reasons that we might renew our love for the church in its various gathered expressions.

Archie Spencer, holder of the Pickford Chair in Theology, looks at the emerging church and calls for a needed recommitment to our reformation roots in evangelical ecclesiology.

My own contribution is my paper on “Preaching as Dialogue” which can be found by following the link above.

A book like this reflects the varied interests and concerns of our small Baptist faculty. It offers a helpful and relevant consideration of the nature of the church at this moment in time.