Application for Graduation

Important Notice:

The following apply to all Northwest students applying for graduation.

  • APPLICATION: In order to graduate from Northwest a student must complete an Application for Graduation. Once the form is filled out and submitted to the Registrar’s Office the Registrar will conduct a program audit to determine the student’s program completion.
  • DEADLINE: Students must apply for graduation before the posted Graduation Application Deadline (GAD). Each program posts their GAD on the Northwest website in the online program synopsis.
  • PROGRAM COMPLETION: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they fully understand and have completed all program requirements. Each student should review their program with their Northwest program advisor prior to applying for graduation.
  • FEE: There is a non-refundable application for graduation fee for each program. This fee is payable upon submission of this form. No program review will be conducted until the fee is paid. There will be an additional $50 fee for applications past the Graduation Application Deadline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don’t plan to participate in the graduation ceremony? Does the Graduation Application Deadline still apply to me?
    Yes, the program review for each applicant, the preparation of graduation materials along with the printing of graduation parchments require the same amount of time.
  • What if I don’t participate in the ceremony, do I have to pay the same fee? Is there a discount if I don’t attend?
    The fee is the same for each applicant. It is an application for graduation fee not a “participation fee”.
  • If Northwest knows I’m completing my program, will they send me my parchment without my completing this application?
    Graduation is not automatic. A student must apply to graduate.
  • If I have completed my program in March, and am not intending to participate in the graduation ceremony, do I have to wait until September to get my parchment?
    Yes. That is the “conferral date”.
  • Can I participate in the graduation ceremony (i.e. walk the stage) if by the graduation date I am still short a few credits of my program requirements?
    Normally a student must have completed all of their program requirements prior to the graduation date to qualify to graduate. In certain circumstances the school may grant permission to “walk graduation” before completing everything. Such permission would be determined on an individual basis and will not be the norm.
  • Do I have to have my program entirely completed when I apply for graduation? I.e. must all work be done before the posted Graduation Application Deadline?
    All program requirements must be complete in time for the formal program review which will take place sometime after the posted Graduation Application Deadline. So, effectively, yes!
  • If, after my program review, I do not qualify to graduate on the graduation date I applied for, will my application fee be returned to me?
    The application for graduation fee is a non-refundable fee. If you do not make the graduation date you applied for you will have to apply again for a future graduation date and pay the applicable fee.